Antoni Forner-Cuenca

 Assistant professor

 Department of Chemical Engineering

& Chemistry

 Membrane Materials & Processes

 Eindhoven University of Technology

Antoni (Toni) Forner-Cuenca was born in Alicante, Spain on December 29th, 1989.  He studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Alicante where he graduated class valedictorian. After briefly working in the chemical industry (at SABIC), Toni decided to return to academia, and in April 2013, started his PhD studies at ETH Zurich (Switzerland) where he worked in the Paul Scherrer Institute to develop advanced materials for fuel cells. Toni completed his PhD at the end of 2016 and received the ETH Medal, an award recognizing outstanding doctoral theses.


In 2017, Toni joined the Brushett Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a Swiss National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow. Over two years, Toni worked on developing next-generation redox flow batteries and advanced porous electrodes. Since February 2019, Toni is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Membrane Materials & Processes, at Eindhoven University of Technology.

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February 2019 -

Assistant Professor

Eindhoven University of Technology


2017 - 2019   


Postdoctoral Fellow

Massachusetts Institute of Technology  



   Doctor of Sciences, PhD


ETH Zurich


2007 - 2013 


  Bachelor & Master of  Chemical Engineering 

  University of Alicante


2019 - Veni grant by the Dutch Research Council Award.

2018 - StartMIT Hard Tech Problem & Solution Start-up Award.

2017 - Electrochemical Society Energy Technology Graduate Student Award.

2017 - ETH Zurich Medal for Outstanding PhD thesis.


2017 - SNSF Postdoctoral Mobility Award.

2017 - MISTI-Spain "La Caixa" grant - "Metallic porous electrodes for redox flow batteries" in collaboration with University of Alicante.

2017 - Video Science Art MRS Award.

2013 - Valedictorian Chemical Engineering University of Alicante.

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