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Henk Schlatter

Henk Schlatte

Research project: Diffusivity determination in sheet like, anisotropic, porous transport media

Years in the group: 2022-2023


Research project: Exploring electropolymerization of conductive polymers to improve lithium-ion battery performance

Years in the group: 2023

Current position: Postdoctoral Researcher at the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia


Research project: Exploring organic coatings to tune reaction selectivity in CO2 electrolysis

Years in the group: 2022-2023


Research project: How far can we push electrochemical surface area in flow-through carbonaceous porous electrodes?

Years in the group: 2022-2023

Adam Wijpkema

Research project: Determination of synthesis and material properties of foams from dynamic hydrogen bubble templating

Years in the group: 2022-2023

Esther Vogels

Research project: Membrane optimization in a high efficiency capillary-fed alkaline water electrolyzers

Years in the group: 2022-2023

Victor de Haas

Research project: Topology optimization to co-design flow fields and porous electrodes for redox flow batteries

Years in the group: 2022-2023

Ronald de Bruijne

Research project: Targeting reaction selectivity in an aqueous all iron redox flow battery by surface functionalization of the negative porous electrodes

Years in the group: 2022-2023

Jacky Olinga

Research project: Visualization of reactive mass transfer in redox flow batteries using fluorescence microscopy

Years in the group: 2022-2023


Research project: Synthesis of metallic porous electrodes combining 3D printing and electroplating for reversible fuel cells (ESA project)

Years in group: 2022-2023

Current position: PhD student Energy Conversion and Storage, Denmark Technical University (DTU)

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